This page is available for non-commercial usage donations.  I prefer you supporting  But if you wish to help me offset the immense cost of equipment and softwares, we welcome your support.

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RULES and RIGHTS of USAGE: You can use my sounds in whatever way you wish. The name “Lilo” means “generous one.” I do this so that people who can’t afford to make their own sound have options. I’m happy to share my work freely as long as you are not selling or profiting from my work without compensating the source. However, you must credit me appropriately. Please use Creative Commons attribution format: Credit: Lilo Sound. If you wish to use my sounds for commercial purposes then you must contact me for permission. You do not have the right to resale any of my work. ~ If you are feeling very generous and wish to donate, I ask that you please donate to instead. Let’s keep this site up, running, healthy, and ad free. If you wish to still donate to me then you can at my Paypal. Thank you. Lilo Sound


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